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Start a blog?  Are you kidding me? I thought blogging was all about messing around the internet, gossiping, eavesdropping and all sorts of time-wasting activities. Why in the world would you turn to a serious-minded and highly professional person like me to start a blog? You didn’t even tell me to have a website. You talk about having a blog?

 All of the above used to be my impression about blogging. And was I terribly wrong! Little did I know that all the while that I carried that erroneous impression about, millions of people were making a profession of blogging and counting their gains in leaps and bounds.

If you are like my naive self many years ago and you are still in the valley of decision as to whether or not to start a blog, you are in the right place, because in this article, I will convince you beyond every shadow of a doubt to start your own blog.

Yes! I want to give you the top 12 Top Reasons why you should start your own blog and make a difference with it. 

#1: You Hone Your Writing Skill

Blogging is essentially about writing. Putting your thoughts down in black and white for others to read. And it stands to reason that the more you write, the better you write, until you become an excellent and skilled writer.

Starting your own blog can blow your mind after some time of writing consistently. You begin to sound professional and polished. You begin to love your own writing, and so do many people start to love what you write and keep coming to your blog for more content.

Blogging will empower you to discover a style of writing that is unique to you, such that people will know it’s you talking to them one on one through your writing. As an author of many books, I know what it means to be a good writer. I know what it means to be a better writer, and to be honest with you, I know what it means to be an excellent writer!

The secret to becoming a skilled and professional writer is to show up and be consistent with writing in the area of your interest. 

Your write ups and articles will definitely look horrible at the first attempt. But if you keep at it, you won’t believe how excellent you have become in your choice of words and the way you arrange your points.

By writing consistently as a blogger, words will naturally flow out of you and you can use those words to change lives through your blog. 

That is the whole essence of blogging! If you start your own blog and consistently research and write articles for your blog, your writing skill will eventually be beyond you; and it will become a point of reference for others.

#2: Influence and Inspire People 

Blogging influences and inspires people to become a better version of themselves. And that is another reason you should start your own blog.

To influence means to change someone’s pattern of thinking and lifestyle. Also, to ‘inspire’ means to enlighten someone so they can become better in their endeavours. You know what? You can be both an agent of positive influence and inspiration to millions of people around the world through your blog without leaving your home!

When you post your valued articles on your blog consistently, the words of those articles can deliver people from their troubles and proffer solution to their problems. I have been writing even before the advent of the Internet and I can tell you how powerful the power of prints can be.

I remember writing a pamphlet titled “Women Are Powerful Creatures” (which later became a 312-page bestselling book) and that simple piece of publication went viral. I only printed just a thousand copies of the pamphlet, and yet, I was getting surface mails all across the country!

Imagine what a source of relief you can be to people going through one ordeal or the other, if you could offer them genuine solutions through your blog. And the amazing thing about the internet is that people can read your blog all over the world without having to mail them anything!

I also remember writing an article published as a pamphlet in 2001, just a year after I got married. The title of that pamphlet was, “After Abortion, What Next?” (which later became a mini-book Titled, “Abortion Is Never The Best Option”).

After printing about a thousand copies of that pamphlet, I went with my team to a nearby University campus, and hand-distributed the pamphlets around the female hostels of the campus.

Several months later, I got an email from a young lady in another state, thanking me for writing such an inspiring article. She wrote that she was at the verge of aborting her pregnancy when a friend sent her a copy of that publication on “After Abortion What Next?”

The man responsible for her pregnancy refused to accept responsibility, and she was left with only one option: have an abortion!

That lady wrote me and explained  how the publication came to her at the right time and help her decide against having an abortion; and at the point of writing that email, she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy! 

I was able to influence and inspire that lady through the power of print, to make a serious decision between killing her baby or keeping it. 

That is what you can do in people’s lives through your blog. You influence and inspire them to make decisions that will  better their lot.

Say, for instance, that your area of interest is to write and encourage people to prevent depression. Or sharing your own experience about how you overcame the stigmatization that resulted from rape. Imagine how many lives you could save by lending your voice to provide good counsels from your own experience through your blog?

My friend, are all this not good enough reasons to start a blog? To influence and inspire people positively.

Real fulfilment comes to us as we help people navigate through life and overcome their problems. How would you feel if you get tens, or hundreds of emails or comments from people whom your blog has inspired, thanking you for saving their lives?

That is the true source of fulfilment. Helping people. And if you know how powerful the words of your articles can be on your blog in influencing and inspiring people, you will stand up at once to start your own blog right away!

And if already you have a blog running, but have not been using it correctly, you should be motivated to use your blog as a tool to influence and inspire people henceforth!

#3: You Become an Authority

Another reason why you should start your own blog is that it establishes you as an authority. Yes, you become an authority if you constantly share your thoughts on a subject, such that people can find a solution from your write ups and articles.

I have an amusing way of playing with words to explain my point; and I will demonstrate it to you right here. If you launch a blog and start posting articles, then you become an “author” who has “authority” on the subject matter.

When you write about something after a thorough research, it boosts your professional image and people don’t see you just as an ordinary writer. They have the feeling you know what you write about so well.

Michael Fishbein says, “A blog is to professionals in the 2000s is what a business card was in the 1990s. Blogs are the new business cards.” I love that! Your blog build you professional resume and tells people all they want to know about you.

Blogging establishes your authority in a similar way that publishing a book and becoming an author establishes your authority on a subject or niche. 

I am talking from experience as an author. I wrote my first book when I was 27, and I can still remember the way people started to treat me as an author. I got speaking engagements in seminars and conferences, because people saw me as authority to reckon with.

Your blog can also become a go-to place for people searching for solutions in the areas or niches you write about, and as such, you become an authority and a professional in your area of interest.

#4: Establishes You As An Expert

Your blog can become your most trusted resume or curriculum vitae, especially if you use it as a tool to tell your story in a professional way.

I recently built a blog for a young graduate of English, who also is a skilled hairstylist and lifestyle coach. The blog went viral among her friends and acquaintances and changed the way they view her. 

She told me many people read her articles and leave fascinating comments on her blog, and some even call to thank her for inspiring them through her articles. They now see her as an expert in her niche! 

As an editor of many regular publications and having edited many authors’  works, I can easily generate a resume about an author, just by reading through their many works.

The same applies to blogging. If you consistently provide good content on your blog, people will start viewing you as quite knowledgeable and savvy, and as a result, they will start consulting you for professional services and even other lucrative job offers.

I don’t know about you, if I’m hearing about a player in an industry or a niche, the first thing I want to do is search if I can know more about them through their blog if they have any.

When people discover you have a blog and can read your thoughts, their view about your changes. They start treating you as an expert.

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#5: Opens Up A World of Opportunities

Though I’ve mentioned this earlier in this article, I will elaborate on it here that blogging can evolve into many other great opportunities you never dreamed possible.

For instance, through your blog, companies can hire you to consult for them. You can also be called upon to speak at conferences as an authority around the subjects you blog about.

Another window of opportunities for you as a blogger is that you can piece together your valuable blog contents and make them into a best-selling E-book which can further establish your authority in your niche. Aside from establishing your authority, your E-book can generate passive income for you, especially if it is well marketed.

Another interesting opportunity that blogging will give you is to build your skills to become an online entrepreneur. Some of the skill opportunities that blogging will expose you to are:

  • Content creation for other websites and blogs
  • Website and blog design
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Consultancy etc.

Lastly, blogging gives you the rare opportunity to build up your knowledge and increase your learning curves by writing on a subject repeatedly. 

For instance, I had little or no knowledge about affiliate marketing and email marketing before I started blogging and reading other blogs. But at this writing, my knowledge in these areas has appreciated tremendously such that I consult for business owners who need these services.


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#6: You Earn A Good Income 

Blogging can generate mind-boggling income for you and give you the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. I know and have heard of many online entrepreneurs, who are full time bloggers.

Some even quit their 9am to 5pm job to become full time bloggers and they are doing pretty well. This is a good reason to start your own blog and build it to the point that it generates a steady income for you.

The day I read about bloggers that generate millions of dollars monthly and annually, it sounded too good to be true. However, it is real. You too can read about them.

While it is true that you can make a lot of money off blogging, it is not as easy as it sounds. Even though blogging is relatively easy to do, making money off your blog is an art or skill you have to build with painstaking efforts.

You have to learn from influencer bloggers who have been honing their crafts for many years,  how they do it to generate tons of profits from their blogs. And you must be ready to attract a lot of traffic to your blog before you start benefiting from it in terms of financial gains.

One good way to start is to build your blog around a niche that you are passionate about and grow it to attract traffic that can easily purchase your own products or products promoted through your affiliate links or even pay you to advertise on your blog.

#7: Helps You Grow Your Online Business

  • Do you want to run a business online? Or generally, do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? Then consider starting a blog to promote your business. 
  • Once you have your blog running, you can start writing articles to promote your business and ensure you promote your blog for your target audience to access it.

#8: Gives You A Voice

Fishbein aso talks about the 1% rule, by saying just 1% of people who already have a blog generate useful content, while 99% are just consumers and spectators. 

This means if you start a blog and consistently create content, you will be among the 1% online achievers who have found their voice in the midst of an ocean of voices online.

Blogging helps you to lend your voice to any matter of your interest and you can talk about it with such clarity and authority that is peculiar to you and endear your fans to you.

In a nutshell, blogging helps you to gain relevance and stand out in the crowd 

9: Builds A Community of Friends and Fans

Starting your own blog helps you build a community of like-minded people around your area of interests. 

When I travelled to the United Kingdom in 2012, I was amazed by the way people connected easily through football. You might even become friends with people in the train or bus once you discover they are fans with you to the same football team.

Practically everybody I visited in the UK  asked me which football team I followed, whether Manchester United or Arsenal. They connected easily on the grounds of football!

Imagine if I started a blog that centered around football, I could easily build a community of friends and fans that love the same football teams that I passionately talk about in my blog. Do you get it?

If you start your blog today and start writing consistently about what people love to read that will entertain them as well as solve major problems for them, you can easily become their virtual friend and their reservoir of information

Aside from your blog visitors becoming your virtual friends and fans, you can also create a community where you hold live conferences, seminars and great events, where you meet and further impact each other. That’s one of the beautiful things that starting your own blog will create for you. 

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#10: Tells Your Story

Who can tell your story like you? No one else, but YOU!

When you start a blog, you can share your personal experiences with your readers. People love to read other people’s stories that will inspire them. They connect with you easily when they can see that you feel what they feel.

Anytime I share my story before an audience, I noticed that I always have people’s attention, because most people have also had the same experience and they love to listen to someone who has passed through the same experience and solved related problems.

A blog is the best place to share your story and be a tremendous source of inspiration to people. 

Aside from sharing your own story, you can also write fascinating stories about top players in your niche that can inspire your audience. Like a popular saying goes, “the secret of great people are in their stories.” People will love to discover such secrets from your blog articles

#11: Interaction and Engagement 

Starting your own blog helps you to interact and engage with people on a one-on-one basis and even on a general level.

I had an ugly experience many years ago before I knew what it meant to engage and interact with people online. I remember posting some Ads on Facebook, asking people to buy my books, giving them the bank account details they should pay money into.

My Facebook Ads did not have many likes, and the comments were very few and uninteresting.

The ugly side of it was a comment I received that got me so discouraged and offended (I’m embarrassed to even say I was offended online, lol).

The commentator read one of my Ads where I asked people to pay into the bank account to get the book delivered, and wrote “Just like that?”

By that comment, the person meant, “You want people to pay into your account just like that?”

When I read that comment, “Just like that?”, the first thing I thought of was to angrily unfriend that person from my Facebook friend list. I felt, “how could someone be so nasty to have left such a comment?

But years later when I started to learn about blogging, marketing, interacting and engaging with audiences online, I knew what that person meant with his comment, “Just like that?”

If you want to start an online business, and you want to turn your audience to customers who will be willing to buy your products and pay for your services, then you have to learn the art of engaging and interacting with them. This is where starting your own blog comes in.

When you start your own blog, you can easily engage with people and interact with them one-on-one. You can provide answers to their questions and give them the freedom to express themselves.

People feel important and a sense of fulfilment when they can connect with an authority in their areas of need.

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#12: Cures You of Boredom and Restlessness

Blogging has a way of giving you a FOCUS that cures you of boredom and restlessness. Let me explain what I mean

When my son was  a small boy, he was very restless. The only thing that got his focus and attention was to watch cartoons, but my wife and I didn’t allow him to watch too many cartoons.

If you wanted him to cry, just give him a book to read. He hated to read anything. He was bored easily and also restless.

Now that he has become a big boy, he is so calm that you would never have believed if I told you he was very restless as a little boy. Today, he reads any inspirational book he comes in contact with voraciously, and guess what, he is no more anything close to being restless and bored.

This is why I always believe there is a connection between being restless and not having a reading and writing culture.

You hardly will find an avid reader or habitual writer being restless. The reason is because reading and writing take a lot of FOCUS to achieve. And when you read, your attention is absorbed, which cures you of restlessness.

Starting a blog will commit you to a lifestyle of reading and researching, as well as writing consistently; and there is no way that type of lifestyle can mix with boredom and restlessness.

 So if you’ve always been a restless and bored person, you can cure yourself of that by getting your focus back through blogging. 

Experience has shown that boredom and restlessness are caused by unfilment and lack of focus; but I can assure you that blogging will give you something fulfilling to focus on!

It’s Action Time!

Have you started your own blog? If yes, what have you learnt from this article that can make you a better blogger? Or how has blogging changed your life so far? Share your experience with me by leaving a comment below.

Are you new to blogging? Do you plan to start your own blog and get it running within 5 days? Then I encourage you to read my article on how to start your own blog and start making money online.


Dunni Goodman

Dunni Goodman is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a chain of businesses under his control. He is the Chief Executive Officer of MillionValues Concepts, a business conglomerate that comprises of publishing, advertising, branding and real estate. ‘The Value Instructor’, as he is fondly called, is also the CEO of ValuesPlace,  an online coaching and business platform.


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