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From The Wheelchair To Travelling The World:

The True Near-Death Story Of A Doctor Who Was Cured Of Chronic Diseases By Herbal Remedies

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Article by Mautin Oye  | December 20, 2020

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Herbal Remedies

I am a born researcher.

My research has led to hundreds of publications and video interviews, which has given me a measure of authority in some niches.

The following article you are about to read is a research I did recently about the efficacy and potent, yet untapped power of herbs.

This is a true life story of a professional botanist and doctor of herbs, who recognizes various herbs and their medicinal and nutritional benefits to a fault.

She didn't just stumble on this rare knowledge, but was forced by nature to unearth these secrets because of an harrowing disease that struck her, which threatened to render her bedridden for life.

Meet Dr. Nicole Apelian, PhD.

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a Herbalist, biologist, anthropologist, researcher, mother, survival TV celebrity, traditional skills instructor, and author.

She has researched extensively into the herbal benefits of many leaves, trees and even plants that grow in the backyard of most of North America's homes, which many people are ignorantly weeding away!

Dr Nicole's main focus is on holistic wellness, which includes nature connection, gratitude, diet, and herbal remedies.

Who Can Benefit From Dr Nicole's Herbal Remedies?

This woman is a professional botanist and herbalist who specializes in making powerful herbal remedies for people in the following categories:

  • People With Autoimmune Disorders
  • Those Who Take Pills With Little Result
  • Those Tired of the side effect of drugs
  • People Who Don't want to pay Big Pharma anymore
  • People That Want to be prepared for a crisis
  • Those That Want to live a healthier life

Dr Nicole has helped thousands of people treat and cure themselves naturally, simply by following her prescriptions and advice.

Her prescriptions centers on 3 major lessons that will set you on the path to a permanent healthy life.

Lesson 1: The One Most Important Thing You Must Never Take for Granted, But You Probably Do. [It Almost Killed Her]

This is the starting point of Dr Nicole Apelian travail.

She has battled with an incurable disease for many years like many people, but it is not obvious when you look at her.

One day as she travelled to see her parents when she was still much younger, she suddenly lost her sight in one of her eyes.

In her words, Dr Nicole says, "I felt it was just something mild, until the doctor diagnosed me to have a clear case of multiple sclerosis!"


Nicole was put on medication - a lot of medication. She had to inject herself everyday, but instead of getting better, her disease only grew worse.

Soon she was unable to go to work again, because the disease was taking a toll on her.

She started losing control of her body and was confined to a wheel chair most of the time, and the thought often came to her that she would never be able to walk again for the rest of her life.

Dr Nicole says, "I was constantly in pain, which felt like I was being burnt with a cigerrete lighter!"

She had to depend on others for simple things like going to the toilet!


When you get sick, everything you thought was important will take a back

Your priorities will shift; and you suddenly find yourself living another life as a new normal! 

Our health seems more valuable only when we lose it.Without our health, we have nothing!

If you could heal yourself from a life-threatening disease, would you spend all you have fora life-saving treatment? Of Course you will, because health is wealth!

Dr Nicole's Life-Saving Discoveries

Because the life she was living as a sick person was unbearable, this made her to pour all of her time and resources into a medical research of
her life.

The result of her research didn't only put her on the path of recovery, but ended up saving many other sick people's lives as well.

This includes people with many other diseases that had nothing to do with multiple

And it might well have something to do with you!

If you have ever taken prescription pills or you are taking one right now, you need to know one thing:

Lesson #2: There Is A Devil In Your Medicine Cabinet!

Anytime you recover from an ailment, it is not the drugs that cures you, but your immune system. Yes, drugs help you, but it is your INNER DOCTOR that heals/cure you.

Everybody Has An Inner Doctor!

This is getting serious, isn't it?

Dr Nicole Discovered that everybody has an inner doctor that cures them. But if the inner doctor becomes weak, no amount of pills we take can cure us of any disease.

For instance, when someone has HIV, their inner doctor becomes very weak such that no matter how many pills they take, it has no effect. 

It is your inner doctor that ultimately decides your fate!

When you take a pill and you recover from an ailment, it is only for a moment. 

Unknown to many, pills kill their inner doctor slowly. With every pill you take, your inner doctor becomes weaker.

If your DOCTOR is on pills he becomes weak, and your body will slowly but surely decline. 

This is why a person with a weak inner doctor is more likely to develop cancer.

There is an alternative to taking pills - something that makes you
healthier, stronger than you can ever be and that is:

Lesson 3: Taking Charge Of Your Inner Doctor

How do you achieve this? By ensuring your inner doctor stops depending on pills!

This is why Dr Nicole wants to guide you into how combining natural herbs can help you make your inner doctor (your immune system) stronger so you can fight off every disease or sickness through natural remedies!

I want to recommend that you watch a detailed video, where Dr Nicole shows you the the plant remedies that she has gathered over the last 20 years.

She has packaged these remedies in a book she titled "The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: The Healing Power of Plant Medicine.

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Mautin Oye

A graduate of English from a prestigious University in Nigeria, Mautin Oye is a thoroughbred travel researcher and blogger. She has helped many people achieve their dreams in many aspects of life.