Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson [The Expert Secrets Review].

Let me start by saying this, Russell Brunson is a genius. 

For those of you reading this who may not know the man, he is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Etison LLC, a $360 million business, according to Forbes. 

He started his first company while attending Boise State University, and within a year of graduating, he sold over a hundred million dollars worth of his products. He is one of the top super affiliates on the planet. 

Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson is essential for individuals trying to build brands and businesses.

It discusses various techniques which business owners can adopt to create a market of like-minded individuals, a loyal following interested in purchasing the products and services provided by these businesses.

Mr Brunson is a veteran online marketer, and in this book, he discusses the many skills and techniques he has used in his companies to great effect.

Like I said earlier, if you are an entrepreneur or marketer trying to start a business or brand, this book is a must-read for you. 

It would be good to note that Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is not just for online marketers and business owners.

If you are an upcoming entrepreneur interested in finding your voice or you are interested in becoming an expert in your field, you should also consider reading this book.

I believe the skills and techniques discussed by Mr Brunson would be highly beneficial. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, which is why I decided to write a quick review on it.

It is essentially split into five individual sections with twenty-two chapters, and I will write a brief summary on each section. Let’s get to it.  


“Creating Your Mass Movement” 

The first step towards becoming an expert is creating for yourself a mass movement, and this is what Mr Brunson begins the first section of the Expert Secrets book with.

He explains the importance of having a loyal community around yourself, a group of people who look up to you for advice, guidance and support.

He goes on to outline the three main secrets for creating a mass movement which are; 

1. Attractive Character/Charismatic Leader

To be viewed as an attractive character by people, certain qualities about you have to stand out.

As the leader of your mass movement, it is important you develop a leadership skill set and mindset.

Not everybody is a born leader, but the skillset can be mastered by anyone willing to follow the simple rules.

Mr Brunson discusses finding your target market, the best approach to introducing your products and the techniques involved in writing compelling marketing messages. 

2. The Cause

The second secret of creating your mass movement discussed in the Experts Secrets Book is “The Cause”.

This requires you to create a picture of what the future for you and your followers looks like.

This, coupled with the ability to convince people to believe wholeheartedly in your cause, is an essential skill every expert should master. 

Luckily, Mr Brunson highlights just how to go about this in the book. He discusses steps and methods that can be used to introduce people to the opportunity and get them involved. Learn this and more in Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

3. The New Opportunity 

In the third and final secret of creating your mass movement discussed in Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, you will also learn about the necessary steps needed to push your followers in the right direction and get them excited about the opportunity.

He describes this as the foundation for your mass movement. 

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“Creating A Belief”

In this section, Mr Brunson discusses the importance of having a belief system. Not only is it good to have one yourself, it is even better if you can imbue it on your community or mass following.

The reason is this, it becomes easier to convince your followers to embrace the opportunities available to them since your beliefs are mutual.

The benefits of getting your community to share the same belief system as you are endless. They would have no reservations about purchasing your products and services or even becoming brand advocates in the future.

Everything depends on belief. 

This section includes six different chapters, and in each of them, Mr Brunson discusses how entrepreneurs can create belief in product offering so that followers accept it. 

The Big Domino

The first stage. It involves educating, inspiring and convincing your loyal followers to purchase your products and services. 

The Epiphany Bridge

An epiphany is a moment of sudden realisation. It can be described as a “eureka” moment, a light bulb of an idea.

Mr Brunson explains how to use this epiphany to convince followers to buy your product by leveraging their emotions with powerful storytelling. 

The Hero's Two Journey

Storytelling is an essential tool for creating a belief. Mr Brunson talks about how powerful and important it can be if used properly.

To make the audience relate to your brand and story, to ensure that they realise how authentic and relevant your brand is, storytelling is necessary. 

The Epiphany Bridge Script 

This chapter combines the concepts from “The Epiphany Bridge” and “The Hero's Two Journey”.

Mr Brunson also discusses the concept of building a script for almost any business operation. It is one of my favourite chapters in the whole book. 

False Belief Patterns 

With the help of an Epiphany Bridge, Mr Brunson demonstrates how to break customer false beliefs and how you as a business owner can replace them with new beliefs, beliefs that are essentially yours.

The Three Secrets

In the final chapter of this section, Mr Brunson highlights the three secrets needed to excel in sales.

These three secrets are; the vehicle, internal beliefs and external beliefs. 


“Your Moral Obligation”

In this section, Mr Brunson talks about the processes entrepreneurs should follow when offering new opportunities to customers, how entrepreneurs can communicate better with readers, how to break down barriers and how to welcome new customers and educate them properly.

There are two chapters in this section;

The Stack Slide

According to Mr Brunson, the key to getting more purchases from customers lies in answering these two all-important questions. What offer do you have for customers, and what value do you as a business owner bring that the competition does not?

The Perfect Webinar  

Webinars are perfect for generating leads and closing sales. What Mr Brunson does in this chapter is that he lays out a plan for the perfect webinar, which entrepreneurs can utilise to help sell their products like experts. 

The principle of the Perfect Webinar is not just about selling products using webinars.

The same principle is applicable for e-commerce and affiliate offers. 

This section also covers, amongst others, the process involved in making and presenting a sales pitch for new opportunities via online courses, virtual summits or coaching seminars. 


“The Funnels”

One thing we know about Mr Brunson is his funnels. He is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, a website and sales funnel builder that helps businesses automate their sales process from A to Z.

This is the next step involved in becoming an expert after learning the process involved in creating your own mass movement and the ability to use storytelling as a means of selling new opportunities. 

This section is divided into five chapters that explain the steps involved in creating your own funnels. 

  • The Perfect Webinar Model
  • The Four Questions Close 
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack 
  • Email Epiphany Funnels 
  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels 


“Fill Your Funnel”

In the final section of the Expert Series Book, Mr Brunson discusses ways business owners can drive targeted traffic to their sales funnel and other proven ways which they can utilise to begin their journey as experts. 

One of such ways is through the concept of the Dream 100. This is a list of one hundred people who have access to traffic perfect for you as a business owner.

Mr Brunson describes how to build relationships with those individuals using the list in this section. 


Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson is an amazing read. The actionable advice, examples and the value Mr Brunson provides is remarkable.

He goes into great detail about various concepts in the book, and he really breaks it down to a very understandable level, especially the storytelling side of things. 

Many of the concepts discussed in the Experts Secrets By Russell Brunson can be extremely beneficial when implemented.

An example is creating your mass movement. In doing so, you as a business owner would be protecting your business from the downturns that frequently occur in the marketing and advertising world. 

As for the pros and cons of reading this book, well, there are many pros and minimal cons.

Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson is free, and as a business owner, you would be accessing knowledge that can boost product sales significantly.

The concepts and techniques discussed also apply to both new and existing businesses. The only problem one might encounter with this book is the cost of shipping. 

It is very evident in the Expert Secrets playbook that Mr Brunson is a marketing geek. He discusses to a great extent the exact marketing ideas he has used for himself and shared with others to help them build their businesses.  

Overall it is an excellent playbook that every business owner, online marketer and entrepreneur should not miss out on. You may be lucky to still get Expert Secrets pdf Free Download.

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