If you are an online marketer or entrepreneur, DotCom Secrets Book is a must-read for you.

The author Russell Brunson is a very successful online marketer and is the co-founder of Etison LLC, which, according to Forbes, is a $360 million business. Impressive right? Exactly.

Mr Brunson is one of the most successful individuals in the online marketing space. 

DotCom Secrets Book provides a step by step approach towards growing businesses, whether it is online or offline.

One thing I love about it is the techniques outlined are not just theoretical but also practical.

Mr Brunson does not just vaguely describe these techniques; he provides practical examples making them easier to understand.

 In a world where marketing techniques are constantly changing, the Dotcom Secrets Book remains relevant and educational even though Mr Brunson wrote it almost six years ago.

Many of the strategies talked about in the book are still effective today, which is quite remarkable. 

I’m sure by now you already know what a great book the Dotcom Secrets Book is, and if you don’t, well, trust me, it is an excellent book.

In this article, I will share my takeaways from the book, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 

There are five major sections in Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson, each outlining several marketing practices and how best to implement them.

Let me take you through these steps in this Dotcom Secrets Book Review.


Titled “Ladders and Funnels”. Here are some of the marketing practices mentioned;

Secret Formula

An understanding of where you want your business, the kind of customers you want and the benefits these customers will obtain from your business are the keys to the secret formula.

Having this knowledge, according to Mr Brunson, would enable you to serve potential customers better.

Value Ladder

Businesses are often met with the difficult task of convincing customers to purchase their products.

To overcome this task, Mr Brunson introduces the importance of the value ladder. The concept is straightforward; actually, businesses offer something of value to potential customers for free or on the cheap and continue increasing the price as time goes on.

For example, a clothing brand may decide to give out free shirts to potential customers at first before attaching a price to those shirts later on. Providing value for less before upselling to customers as you continue to deliver value is what the value ladder is all about. 

How To Find Your Dream Customers

Every business has a target market. The problem, however, lies in identifying that target market and serving it.

Mr Brunson outlines strategies that, when applied, would attract potential customers to your product. 

The Three Types Of Traffic

One of the most challenging problems online businesses face is generating traffic for their page or website.

It can be quite a struggle, but Mr Brunson discusses how best to achieve this. He outlines the best traffic to pay attention to, which include;

  1. Traffic we control 
  2. The traffic we don’t control 
  3. Traffic we own


Titled “Your Communication Funnel”.

Mr Brunson talks extensively about the processes involved in building an audience through personal branding tactics and the secrets to communicating correctly with your audience. These secrets include;

The Attractive Character

Building a confident and attractive character is very important as a business owner.

Once you’re successful at this, it guarantees qualified customers ready and willing to purchase your product right away.  

Mr Brunson highlights three main components to keep in check.

  1. The Elements
  2. The Identity 
  3. Storylines

The Soap Opera Sequence

After successfully creating your attractive character, the next step is to establish a bond between the character and the target market.

The most effective way of doing so is utilising email, a traffic source that you own.  

The Soap Opera sequence is a series of email sequences that enable you to establish a relationship and connection with the person reading your mail.

Mr Brunson further outlines five exact email templates that would help you transition from an attractive character to a sought after internet marketer. 

Daily Seinfeld Sequence

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is very important, and a way to achieve this is by using the Seinfeld email format. So what is the Seinfeld email format?

Well, Mr Brunson describes it as an email style that builds excitement in your readers.

It involves sharing your personal or relevant stories, stories that they can easily connect with.

Mr Brunson provides more examples and templates on how to utilise the Seinfeld emails in the Dotcom Secrets Book.


Titled “Funnelology”. This section is all about funnels, the strategies involved in building high converting funnels and what to do as a business owner to make sure your funnel works.

Let’s dive in. 

Reverse Engineering A Successful Funnel

A common mistake business owners make when starting out with their sales funnel is that they fail to stick with systems that work. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a popular saying which means if something is working, there is no need to replace it.

Mr Brunson encourages business owners to leverage successful funnels from other people and make offers to their exact customers. The ability to apply this to your business would be priceless. 

One Funnel Away Challenge

Seven Phases Of A Funnel

Phase One – Traffic Temperature 

Phase Two – Pre-Frame bridge 

Phase Three – Qualify Subscribers 

Phase Four – Qualify Buyers 

Phase Five – Identify Hyper-Active Buyers 

Phase Six – Change The Selling Environment 

Understanding these six phases are essential to acquiring a six, seven or eight-figure business, according to Mr Brunson. 

Frontend vs Backend Funnels

Remember the value ladder? It comprises three stages, the front end, the middle-end or consideration stage and the back end.

Knowing the proper funnels to use at each step of the value ladder is quite tricky, even for seasoned professionals.

Mr Brunson, however, outlines the process he follows when choosing funnels for the front end, middle end and back end of his value ladders in the Dotcom Secrets Book.


Titled “Funnels And Scripts”. In this section, Mr Brunson talks extensively about the effective funnels he uses in running his many companies, including ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a subsidiary of Etison LLC, of which Mr Brunson is a co-founder.

He also divulges the exact funnel scripts that have helped him sell millions of his products. He splits these funnel scripts into three; Front end, Middle end and Back end funnels.

 This section is my favourite because it is the most actionable of all the sections in this book.

I love the practical approach with which Mr Brunson describes many of the techniques and secrets. 

Frontend Funnel: Two-Step – Free Plus Shipping

The lovely thing about the Frontend funnel is that it shows you what should happen once visitors get onboard your sales funnel. 

This Funnel is highly beneficial to e-commerce marketers or business owners who have free plus shipping offers.

It is a two-page funnel that is easy to build and includes instructions on how to do so.

Mr Brunson includes scripts to guide business owners in creating this two-step free shipping funnel and steps to follow to ensure that it is effective in the Dotcom Secrets Book.

Frontend Funnel: Self-Liquidating Offer

The Self-Liquidating offers have one goal and one goal only, to help business owners recover the money spent on advertising.

Mr Brunson discusses the practical mechanics involved in this type of funnel and introduces a new script called the “Star, Story, Solution script”, which are forty-four in number. 

Frontend Funnel: Continuity

Here Mr Brunson introduces a concept that would enable business owners to entice visitors and keep them paying for services.

There is no limit to achieving this, as there are various ways to utilise this frontend funnel to increase the success rate. 

Middle Funnel: Perfect Webinar

An excellent way to begin the middle funnel of your value ladder would be to host a perfect webinar.

Everything you need to know about hosting an ideal webinar, from using recorded presentations to market products and services, to a pre-written schedule of activities to perform is provided by Mr Brunson through various techniques and scripts.

All you need to do is get yourself a copy of the Dotcom Secrets Book to find out. 

Middle Funnel: Invisible Perfect Webinar

The difference between the Perfect Webinar and the Invisible Perfect Webinar is simple; the latter is not free.

It is a more advanced version of the Perfect webinar and the goal is to get people to buy your products. 

The term “invisible” however, means there is no deception or trickery involved.

More scripts on this advanced version of the Perfect Webinar are included in the Dotcom Secrets Book.

Middle Funnel: Product Launch

The Product Launch funnel has one specific use, for launching new products by sharing tons of informational videos that provide value to customers.

This funnel is used by a host of online marketing influencers, including Ramit Sethi and Brian Dean. 

These videos have to be entertaining, informative and helpful as this would cause customers to take action.

Further instructions on properly structuring these videos are included in the Dotcom Secrets Book.

Backend Funnel: High-Ticket, Three-Step Application

If you are a coach or consultant, this funnel is exactly what you need.

It teaches the art of selling high ticket offers using an advanced formula and some scripts. 

You definitely do not want to miss out on this information found only in the Dotcom Secrets Book.


The fifth and final section of this book is all about ClickFunnels, the flagship product from Mr Brunson.

It is an all in one funnel software responsible for creating all the sales funnels mentioned in the Dotcom Secrets Book.


The Dotcom Secrets Book is a cheat code.

A playbook with practical strategies and secrets for starting and growing a business.

Although written to cater to online businesses, an offline business owner can apply most of the techniques.

You will be guided on how to implement these techniques into your own business.

It is an excellent book, and if you are a business owner looking to grow your business, you should one hundred per cent read this book. 

Check the availability of Dotcom Secrets Book and Dotcom Secrets Audiobook.

Funnel Challenge


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