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A Professional Nurse Reveals:

How Expectant Mothers Can Prevent Vaginal Injuries At Childbirth Through A 4-Step Birth Deciders.

Article by Mautin Oye  | December 20, 2020

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Avoid Vaginal Injuries

A Research You Can Trust!

I am a born researcher! I research about anything that will bring value to both me and my readers. What you are about to read is a tested and proven research I conducted about one of the age-long worries that many expectant mothers have as their EDD approaches.

Your guess may be right. It is about vaginal injuries during childbirth! 

After interviewing many first time mothers, I came to the conclusion that one thing many expectant mothers will pay any amount of money never to experience is having vaginal tears or injuries when having their babies.

This was what motivated me to do further research, if perhaps, I will come across any woman who successfully delivered all her babies without any vaginal injuries.

Did I succeed to find one? Trust me, I did!

I stumbled on the success of a professional nurse, who has helped more than 250 expectant mothers  - particularly first-time mums, to give birth to their babies through a natural, 4-step birth methods [or you can call it deciders if you like].

Her Name is Nurse Nma!

I will like you to meet Nurse Nma by yourself, but before I do, let me give you a brief summary of what to expect:


  • This Nurse had vaginal injury during her first childbirth, so she knows where and how it hurts. 
  • How this Nurse managed to avoid vaginal injuries in her 2nd childbirth after suffering 3 degree Episiotomy cut in her first childbirth.
  • How Identifying these four steps was what really helped her to quickly give direction to what the solution should be.
  • How she not only helped herself avoid vaginal injuries at her second childbirth, but has also used the same methods to help more than 250 expectant mothers, especially mothers having their babies for the first time!

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then you are not alone.

That is exactly what I thought too when I discovered about this nurse in May 2019!

After discovering about her, I needed to prove things myself, and after carrying out an extensive research, I discovered that this nurse has even developed the four steps into a handy course that expectant woman can easily follow with testimonies and positive reviews from those who have taken her course!

Isn't that amazing?


You may still be wondering about the validity and authenticity of this research. This is why I want you to visit nurse Nma's site for yourself by clicking the link below:

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Mautin Oye

A graduate of English from a prestigious University in Nigeria, Mautin Oye is a thoroughbred travel researcher and blogger. She has helped many people achieve their dreams in many aspects of life.