By Abisoye Vincent   |    January 2021

Abisoye Vincent

By Abisoye Vincent   |    January 2021

"If you have given birth before and had tear or episiotomy, it is important you try and prevent having it again, or at the least, minimize it.

 If you keep allowing it, you'll WEAKEN the muscles of your vagina walls that help you hold back urine or stool (faeces), and it will be too bad that you may start wearing pampas. The condition is known as anal or bowel incontinence.

And in case you are a first time mom or you didn't have cut in your previous childbirth, please, examples of others are better teachers than your own painful experience."  
---Nurse Nma

Who Is Nurse Nma?

The statement you just read above is credited to Nurse Nma, a professional nurse who sustained vaginal injuries during her first delivery.

After her painful experience, she did a thorough research, which helped her discover a 4-step major birth deciders that prepare expectant mothers to give birth to their babies without unnecessary pain; and without vagina tears.

According to this nurse, painful delivery is not an achievement, because pregnant women that go to the labour room and come out are often seen as having returned from a battlefront of sort.

All of this is largely the result of ignorance and it is absolutely unnecessary!

Avoid Vaginal Injuries

The good news is that Nurse Nma's discoveries have helped close to three hundred (300) women -- especially first time moms -- to deliver their babies without vaginal injuries!

The second good news is that Nurse Nma's discoveries have been developed into a simple course that every expectant mother can take in the privacy of their homes!

How I Found Out About Nurse Nma

I stayed with my aunt, who is my mum's younger sister while at the University, and I witnessed her first and second deliveries. They were not very good experiences any woman would pray to have.

My aunt's deliveries were fraught with pain and vaginal tears.

It created an impression within me as a young lady about the pain women have to go through from the pregnancy stage till their EDD and also the actual delivery.

My aunt's husband wasn't around much of the time, and I happened to be the one that did the running around at the hospital to get everything she needed.

After I witnessed my aunt's first delivery, I rushed to the internet to do some finding out. I googled all you can ever imagine!

I searched to know whether it was compulsory for women to give birth through the vagina.

"Can't all women just opt for a Caesarean section?" I queried.

After days of relentless search, I was introduced to a course by a so-called professional nurse, who once had experienced vaginal injuries during her childbirth and developed a successful birth delivery process that prevented her and hundreds others from vaginal injuries in their subsequent deliveries.

Even many first time moms have benefited from this nurse's course.

That is how I got to know about Nurse Nma!

And guess what, I introduced Nurse Nam's course to my aunt right away!

Avoid Vaginal Injuries

A Quick Review of Nurse Nma's Course

  • This Nurse had vaginal injury during her first childbirth, so she knows where and how it hurts. 
  • How this Nurse managed to avoid vaginal injuries in her 2nd childbirth after suffering 3 degree Episiotomy cut in her first childbirth.
  • How Identifying these four steps was what really helped her to quickly give direction to what the solution should be.
  • How she not only helped herself avoid vaginal injuries at her second childbirth, but has also used the same methods to help more than 250 expectant mothers, especially mothers having their babies for the first time!
  • Avoid Vaginal Injuries

    Imagine this is your vaginal bleeding during childbirth. If you had things under your control, I know you will do everything to prevent this.

    The good news is, YOU can prevent this from happening to you!

    Nurse Nma's 4-step insightful course will show you exactly what to do to prevent painful delivery and vaginal injuries at childbirth!

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